• Multi Arc
    Abbigliamento protettivo arco elettrico
  • Multi Flame
    Abbigliamento fr trivalente, pentavalente
  • Fire Shield
    Abbigliamento antincendio AIB
  • Melt & Welding
    Abbigliamento per fonderie e saldature
  • Multi Knitwear
    Maglieria trivalente e arco elettrico
  • Hv
    Abbigliamento alta visibilità
Multi Arc

Multi Arc

Abbigliamento protettivo arco elettrico

Multi performance also from eletric arc.
Our line at the top for quality and performance. The garments are made with inherent, lightweight and durable fabrics over 50 washes without the need for further chemical treatments, unless for EN 13034. The compositions and weights of the fabrics selected guarantee an excellent comfort even in the hottest climates. The Reflex inserts make the difference.

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