• Dura Light
    Abbigliamento Estivo, Indoor robusto
  • Dura Flex
    L’abbigliamento stretch moderno e resistente
  • Dura Strong
    La linea più versatile e resistente
  • Dura Cot
    Abbigliamento in cotone
  • Knitwear
    Polo, Tshirt, felpe
  • Outdoor
    Abbigliamento per esterno e intemperie
  • Civil Rescue
    Protecione civile e volontariato
Dura Flex

Dura Flex

L’abbigliamento stretch moderno e resistente

Extreme and durable comfort thanks to the hardy and resistant stretch fabrics. The prevalence of cotton fiber gives greater freshness and softness, while the lower percentage of polyester makes the garments durable and resistant to washing. The stretch feature, on the other hand, is obtained with special strong fibers, which maintain the fitting even after repeated washing.

Fabric features
COTTON STRETCH The special stretch fiber, stronger than normal stretch fabrics, allows you to maintain the constant stretch characteristic in the even after a lot of washing. 75% Cotton
23% Polyester
2% Elastolefin 4„¹dš
Zip and buttons YKK
Seams with ultra-strong tensile yarns and washable

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